The New Year’s Eve with the Stars!

Tents, Check. Sleeping Bags, Check. Hot Lemon Tea, Check. Taboo, Check. Nachos and Salsa, Check. Acoustic Guitar, Check.

9 Peeps. 4 Tents. 1 Bonfire. 1 Cutie stray pup and a gazillion stars!

This New year’s eve was in-between a jungle, camping with a bunch of real fun people, with NO electricity and staring at the stars. Perfect isn’t it?


We reached Denkanikottai town by 4 pm. It’s a 70 Kms drive from Bangalore. N’s Parent’s 10 acre farm land was next to a jungle and safely secured with an electric fence. We decided to do something offbeat for this New Year’s Eve and found the perfect place near Bangalore!

We set up the 4 tents, strategically placed the bonfire and got the munchies out before the sunset. Gradually, the temperatures began to dip and the bonfire’s warmth felt like heaven!


Who do you want to kill, mafia?”

We played Mafia and taboo, tried photography experiments with fire & lights, binged on sandwiches/barbecued paneer/aloo rolls that we’d packed for dinner. YUM.


Our tents were cozy, the bonfire was perfect, the food was great, and we made fun of everything under the skies. Once the laughter fit mellowed down, we listened to N’s acoustic guitar and stared at the sky trying to spot a shooting star. (Spotted 4) Make a wish?


All went great until we heard the dog whimpering continuously near the gate of the property at around 2 am.The dog appeared to be creeped out by an obvious intruder. Was it a tusker or a pack of elephants? could it have been a fox or a panther? The dog kept barking looking in a particular direction. It was pitch dark and our torches did not help.

We huddled together in a shed, flashing our torch lights trying to figure out what was out there. The dog had disappeared . We stayed indoors for a good hour. Some of us took a quick nap, some Facebook-ing, some laughing at those who were snoring like retards.

At around 3.30 am we stepped  out (SO EXCITING) to figure out what scared the dog. After a quick check, we rekindled the fire and began hanging out (BRAVELY) till we heard a mix of a deep grunt and a purr. The ‘I-am-so-not-happy-you-are-here’ sound. AGAIN!

We were back in the shed (LOL) This time with our sleeping bags, blankets and some food. We did some quick Wikipedia checks to find out that there are panthers and wild hogs in the Denkanikottai forest. But would it be possible to have a wild animal inside our electric fenced property?

Was it just a rabbit the dog was scared of? What was that noise we all heard? a million questions in our heads and one mission to sleep under the stars in our tents, we ventured out at 5.30 am to sleep inside our cozy tents. We may never know what that sound was and if there really was a wild animal around, but this for sure has been the best and most thrilling new year’s eve yet!


Waking up in a tent in a farm breathing the fresh country air away from the hustle of the city was bliss! It was an adventurous and a great way to bring in 2017!



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